Depowdering software acquired by Solukon

Solukon has acquired exclusive rights to depowdering software which uses CAD data to improve the cleaning of complex 3D printed parts.

According to the company, SPR-Pathfinder uses the CAD file to calculate the best motion sequence based on flow simulation. This sequence is then read by the company’s depowdering system, which in turn runs the programmed paths. This can help depowder parts more quickly, Solukon said.

The software was originally developed by Dr Christoph Kiener, a design engineer at Siemens. “Vibration-excited powder behaves almost like a fluid when it flows out,” he said. “That’s how we quickly realized that we could find success by using path identification as well as particle and flow simulation in the software.”

The software can currently run on the company’s SFM-AT800-S and SFM-AT1000-S depowdering systems.