Solukon says that it has equipped a depowdering machine with an improved swivel arm for parts manufactured using SLM Solutions’ NXG XII 600 metal 3D printer.

According to the company, NXG XII 600 parts can reach sizes of 600 x 600 x 660 mm. This locates the center of gravity closer to the rotational axis of the swivel arm when they are placed in the Solukon SFM-AT1000-S depowdering machine. To reach a better center of gravity balance position, a version of the SFM-AT1000-S is now available with the arm. This also makes the part easier to access if users want to finish depowdering manually via the sealed glove ports, Solukon said.

The depowdering machine, which can depowder components weighing up to 800 kg, also has an optional front-top-loading feature making it easier to handle large and heavy parts, the company added.