Solukon has developed a postprocess powder removal system for laser-melted parts.

According to the company, large and medium sized additive manufactured (AM) components, such as rocket engines and heat exchangers, are becoming more and more complex inside.

This means greater challenges in downstream processes such as industrial depowdering.

Solukon’s SFM-AT350 has a turntable designed with endless rotation, while the horizontal axis swivels 250 degrees, making it easier for components to be completely freed from powder by automated swiveling around two axes as well as targeted vibration, the company said. It is designed for medium sized components with a maximum total weight of 60 kg (including the build platform) and a maximum height of 420 mm.

Solukon says that its sensor and interface kit is also available as an option for the SFM-AT350, while users can to monitor the depowdering process remotely.