Zortrax has developed new material for use with the company’s Endureal industrial 3D printer.

Full Metal Package 17-4 PH and Full Metal Package 316L are made with stainless steel powder and a plastic filament, which can be difficult to process correctly, Zortrax said.

“When using metallic powder filaments for metal 3D printing, micro-cracks or brittle spots on the models are the common issues users struggle with,” said Michał Siemaszko, head of research and development. “The reason is usually the improper inner structure, which prevents the target items from preserving all the properties desired for metal. Being aware of that, we focused on creating the solution, ensuring that models have the right structure, allowing them to be applied just like regular steel.”

The material can be used to make end-use parts, automotive parts, medical equipment, chemical pipes or valves, elements of tools and fixtures and functional prototypes.