Desktop 3D printer now has metal option

Zortrax reports that its M300 Dual 3D printer now has a metal 3D printing option.

According to the company, the printer, which can also print plastic filaments and fiber composites, can now make parts using a metal polymer filament, a dedicated support material, and a metal adhesive. Post-processing, including sintering, is also available, Zortrax said.

“We’re now adding an option of metal 3D printing to this desktop printer with two comprehensive sets: Zortrax Full Metal Package 316L and Zortrax Full Metal Package 17-4 PH, encompassing everything that’s necessary to start metal 3D printing and to ensure fully functional metal parts, which exhibit the properties of steel,” said Michał Siemaszko, head of research and development.

“The latest version of Z-SUITE BETA features a set of improvements in printing with metallic powder filaments. A new gyroid infill enables printing metal models with 60% to 90% infill,” added Ewa Piórkowska, R&D software project manager.