Metal 3D printed mountain structure

Bright Laser Technologies (BLT), based in China, has used metal 3D printing to make a desktop structure of the Tsinling Mountains, a range in Northern China.

According to the company, its 3D printed structure is made of upper and lower parts, with the base made with a lattice structure formed by superposing cubes and the mountain range using a mesh-like braided structure, which each braid point corresponding to the center point of the underlying cube.

BLT says that the structure, made using its BLT-S210 additive manufacturing (AM( machine, provides stability and reduces the weight of the product.

“The braided structure and lattice structure of Tsinling desktop ornaments put high requirements on precision, which is difficult to manufacture for traditional procedures and may cause much wastage,” a press release said. “Metal 3D printing technology can be used to solve the above problems. […] Besides, metal 3D printing realizes the integrated forming of the structure, shortens the manufacturing time, saves materials [and] reduces the weight and cost of ornaments.”