Australian manufacturer Nupress will reportedly make parts for a range of seaplanes using a metal 3D printer supplied by SPEE3D.

The company will reportedly work with Amphibian Aerospace Industries, based in the Northern Territory, focusing on ways to improve the manufacture of aircraft parts by using 3D printing instead of traditional casting techniques.

“The performance of a machined part and 3D printed part can be greatly different, depending on the application,” said Craig McWilliam, CEO of Nupress. “Our project with Amphibian Aerospace will compare these two types of parts so that we can better understand the performance differences between them. We will be taking a cast part as our baseline and then creating identical machined and 3D printed versions of it.”

“Our collaboration with Nupress and SPEE3D stands to be a game changer in aerospace manufacturing and a real opportunity for a new era of Australian manufacturing,” added Dan Webster, CEO of Amphibian Aerospace Industries.