Plasma torches for aluminum remelting

Plasma specialist PyroGenesis has formed an agreement to test its zero-emission plasma torches in their scrap remelting and holding furnaces for the aluminum industry for an anonymous client.

Plans are to put together a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) study to gather pre-test data and evaluate plasma for aluminum producers that re-melt and re-sell scrap and recycled aluminum.

The client reportedly supplies industrial furnaces and engineering/metallurgical products for the aluminum, steel, and mining industries.

“Driven by rising aluminum demand and the fact that secondary scrap aluminum contributes to the overall aluminum supply at a much lower energy and emissions intensity (up to 95% less carbon footprint compared to primary aluminum production from initial mined ore), more and more aluminum producers are taking steps to increase scrap metal in their product lines,” said P Peter Pascali, CEO of PyroGenesis.