3D printed titanium pump components

Titanium powder specialist IperionX and pump manufacturer Carver have partnered to develop pump components with improved corrosion resistance for the US Navy.

Image copyright © Peter Hermes Furian - Adobe Stock.
IperionX Limited has partnered with Carver Pump to use IperionX's patented titanium technologies to additively manufacture (AM) titanium pump components for the US Navy. Carver will design the titanium pump components, guide IperionX on prototyping, and lead the qualification of the pump components.

Key details of the IperionX-Carver partnership include:

  • Carver to design a custom CAD file for prototype components for titanium additive manufacturing by IperionX.

  • IperionX will secure titanium scrap from Carver Pump and existing US industry sources and will apply its patented technologies to process the titanium scrap into high-grade, high-quality titanium powder.

  • IperionX will 3D print the prototype titanium components for Carver.

  • Carver will take delivery of prototype titanium components for final machining and lead the qualification of the components for the US Navy.

  • Upon successful completion of this partnership, Carver and IperionX intend to mutually agree on scaled up production and pricing for commercial production of titanium components.


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