3D printing company IperionX and Italian watchmaker Panerai have signed a commercial partnership agreement to produce luxury watches made of low carbon recycled titanium powder.

The companies initially made prototype additive manufactured (AM) watches which they say pass the metallographic testing and surface quality requirements for the market.

Plans are to develop a watch case for a limited edition design to be launched 2023 and work on additional watch designs.

According to IperionX, the specifications and manufacturing techniques used in the luxury goods market are similar to the smart watch, wearable device and smartphone market. “IperionX sees significant potential to establish a low carbon, closed loop and circular supply of titanium, which is superior to existing aluminum and stainless steel applications in these markets,” a press release said.

IperionX produces titanium metal powders from titanium scrap at its operational pilot facility in the US, and reportedly plans to scale up production in 2022.