IperionX and Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the US have agreed to jointly develop titanium alloys for 3D printing using IperionX’s titanium metal powders.

Plans are to develop the titanium spherical powders for additive manufacturing (AM) and look at options to use titanium powders for parts currently made with other metals, such as stainless steel and aluminum.

IperionX will test if pressed and sintered parts produced using its titanium powders have equivalent or better characteristics when compared to parts produced using industry standard titanium powders. The parts would be used in applications such as heavy trucks and aircraft components.

This is part of a US Navy project to test titanium metal replacement components for the US Department of Defense, Oak Ridge said.

“ORNL brings a knowledge base from numerous collaborations with advanced manufacturing companies, such as partnering in Volkswagen’s first US innovation hub in Tennessee to develop lighter vehicle components from composite materials and electrify vehicles, its recent work with NASA which resulted in a 3D printed thermal protection shield traveling to the International Space Station, or its 3D printing work with Boeing’s 777x,” said Anastasios  Arima, IperionX managing director and CEO.