Press used to finish MIM parts

Quintus Technologies says that it has supplied a hot isostatic press (HIP) to an Israeli manufacturer of surgical implants and tools.

The press will be used to finish the metal injection molded (MIM) parts made by TAG Medical, based in the Ga’aton kibbutz.

“To increase production capacity, we invested in a new MIM production line,” said Ran Weizman,TAG vice president. “The Quintus press will serve us for the implants and minimal cutting tools production, where high material uniformity and good mechanical properties are required.”

Quintus says that its QIH 15L model can produce finished MIM parts with improved density, ductility, and fatigue resistance. It can reportedly carry out stress-relief annealing, HIP, high temperature solution-annealing (SA), high pressure gas quenching (HPGQ), and subsequent ageing or precipitation hardening (PH) in one integrated furnace cycle.

The press’s furnace chamber has a diameter of 6.69 in (170 mm) and a height of 11.4 in (290 mm) and operates at a maximum pressure of 207 MPa (30,000 psi) and a maximum temperature of 2,552°F (1,400°C).