GKN Aerospace engineers have built a 3D printed turbine exhaust module as part of an EU programme focused on reducing carbon emissions in aerospace.

The module has been designed as part of the Clean Sky-2 Engine Material VALidation (EMVAL) program is 20% lighter and can withstand 150°C higher temperatures compared to existing technology, the company said.

It has been created along with a turbine module developed by Germany aerospace company MTU, using an existing turbo shaft engine modified as test vehicle The ground testing of the full-scale engine demonstrator will take place later in 2022.

GKN’s module from incorporates a lightweight turbine exhaust case (TEC) with separated thermal and mechanical functionality and has been produced with extensive use of additive manufacturing (AM). The TEC consists of an inner load carrying structure and aerodynamically shaped vanes. This concept can withstand higher temperatures than current TECs, but it also saves weight as the axial length can be reduced, the company said.