3D Systems has been contracted by Airbus Defence and Space to make components for OneSat, a telecoms satellite which can be configured in orbit.

The company says it will supply materials, 3D printing technology and software to make the components which will form part of the satellites’ large antenna array.

According to 3D Systems, additively manufacturing the parts can improve weight reduction, performance, and speed up time to market.

Previously the company developed a 3D printed radio frequency (RF) filter for use in commercial telecommunications satellites and switch assembly network designs for two Eurostar Neo spacecraft.

For this application, 3D Systems plans to use its LaserForm 3D printer to process AlSi10Mg alloy with a 30 µm layer thickness.

“OneSat is a truly disruptive product, and we wanted our design and manufacturing process to possess that same level of innovation,” said Stephen Phipps, OneSat antenna program manager, Airbus Defence and Space.