Ceramic and metal 3D printing company XJet Ltd has appointed Harry Danford as of VP of North American sales, a new role within the business.

According to the company, the appointment is part of a wider strategy to establish a wider presence globally. The company has also increased its workforce by 25% since the end of 2021.

"Our ceramic technology is well established, and our long-awaited metal is commercial, so now is the time to ramp up business,” said XJet CBO, Dror Danai.

Danford reportedly has more than ten years of experience with additive manufacturing (AM) for a variety of end user industries, including aerospace, medical and automotive.

"I love the essence of XJet NPJ technology and the unique capabilities that it can add to the toolbox of traditional manufacturing processes such as MIM, CIM, investment casting and CNC machining," he said. "The ability to produce complex, detailed, high-density parts with very low shrinkage, excellent surface finish, and exceptional mechanical properties – using a powderless process – offers tremendous value and upside potential for the US manufacturing base."