Whitepaper focuses on automated aerospace repair

Additive manufacturing (AM) specialist Optomec has published a new whitepaper covering the use of automated laser cladding in gas turbine engine repair. According to an independent study, the technology can provide 184% return on investment (ROI) over manual processes.

The whitepaper is entitled ‘The Business Case for Automated Laser Cladding in Aviation Component Repair: Five Lessons Learned.’

‘The world’s leading aviation companies use automated laser cladding for maintenance, repair and overhaul – yet roughly 80% of all blade and vane repair is still done manually today,’ said Mike Dean, MD at Optomec. ‘The goal with this paper was to show how small and mid-size service centers can take advantage of laser cladding while achieving an ROI on their investment and improving MRO [maintenance, repair and operations] quality.’

The whitepaper, which is entitled ‘The business case for automated laser cladding in aviation component repair: five lessons learned’ also covers

  • quality and throughput comparison of manual welding versus automated laser cladding for blade tip and z-form repair
  • cost comparison for manual versus automated processing using customer data for Z-Form and tip repair
  • return on investment, internal rate of return, and payback period with sensitivity analysis.

The document is available via the company website.

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