PowderMet2023 call for papers

The MPIF is now accepting papers and posters for its powder metallurgy (PM) and additive manufacturing (AM) conferences, PowderMet2023 and AMPM2023.

Both take place from 18–21 June 2023 in Las Vegas, USA.

PowderMet2023 paper categories are:

  • Design and modeling of PM materials, components and processes
  • Particulate production
  • General compaction and forming processes
  • Powder injection molding (metals and ceramics)
  • Pre-sintering and sintering
  • Secondary operations
  • Materials
  • Refractory metals, carbides and ceramics
  • Advanced particulate materials and processes
  • Material properties
  • Test and evaluation
  • Applications
  • Management issues.

AMPM2023 paper categories are:

  • Modeling of metal AM materials, components and processes
  • Design of metal AM momponents
  • Particulate production for metal AM
  • Metal AM build processes
  • Metal AM sintering
  • Metal AM post-build operations
  • Metal AM materials
  • Metal AM materials properties
  • Metal AM testing and evaluation
  • Metal AM applications
  • Metal AM management issues.

For more information, go here.