EOS develops new aluminum alloy for industrial 3D printing

Germany’s EOS has unveiled a new aluminum alloy engineered specifically for additive manufacturing (AM).

EOS Al5X1 anodized example parts.
EOS Al5X1 anodized example parts.

EOS Aluminum Al5X1 is lightweight, with a combination of high strength and elongation. It is ideal for aviation, space, electronics and transportation industries.

Requiring only a single-step heat treatment with no HIP (Hot Isostatic Pressing), parts can be manufactured faster and at a lower total cost. 3D printed applications using EOS Aluminum Al5X1 can also be electropolished and anodized (Type II and Type III) for both cosmetic (colored) and corrosion resistant protective properties. There are no limits to potential color choices, which could be important for consumer-facing products.

EOS Aluminum Al5X1 for the EOS M 290 will be commercially available in November 2023, and for EOS M 400-4 in 2024.