Phase3D, a US startup focused on in-situ inspection for powder-based additive manufacturing (AM), has been awarded a two-year US$1.25 million contract from the US Air Force Lab to develop a quality inspection system for cold spray AM (CSAM).

The contract involves developing Phase3D’s Fringe inspection technology, currently used for powder bed fusion and binder jetting, so that it can be used with CSAM.

According to the company, this type of 3D printing can be used to produce large parts and repair or reclad existing parts more quickly but requires engineers to gather objective data on parts as they are being built. “Phase3D’s work through this contract will provide high quality, objective data on the process, something critical to growing its use case, especially in the field,” a press release said. “For advanced manufacturing to increase adoption and use cases, more repeatable, quantifiable, and objective data needs to be gathered for every step of the workflow.”