3D printer can multi-task

The INTEGREX i-400 AM (additive manufacturing) HYBRID multi-tasking machine.
The INTEGREX i-400 AM (additive manufacturing) HYBRID multi-tasking machine.

The INTEGREX i-400 AM (additive manufacturing) HYBRID multi-tasking machine can reduce part cycle times and improve processing efficiency, the company says.

The technology is suitable for small lot production of difficult-to-cut materials such as those used in the aerospace, energy and medical industries. With the additive capability, manufacturers can generate/clad near-net-shape component features then complete them with high-precision finish machining operations, as well as laser mark parts if needed.

Melting and joining

The INTEGREX i-400AM melts metal powder using fiber laser heat. Cladding heads (additive manufacturing nozzles) apply the molten material layer by layer, each of which solidifies as the desired shape grows. The system can join different types of metals to one another and repair existing worn or damaged components, such as aerospace turbine blades.

The cladding heads are stored in the tool magazine, and the standard automatic tool changer loads them into the machine’s milling turret. Mazak offers two types of cladding heads – high speed or high accuracy. Users select the appropriate head based on the intended process and the particular metal powder to be used.

On the Multi-Tasking machine side, Mazak's INTEGREX i-400AM provides full fiv-axis capability to easily process prismatic parts from solid billets or castings (chucked or bar fed), round parts, highly contoured parts and now those with features built using additive technology. The machine provides -30/+210 degree B-axis movement in its milling spindle, full C-axis contouring with its turning spindle and a programmable NC tailstock.