Trumpf qualifies aluminium powder for 3D printing

3D printing company Trumpf has reportedly qualified Equispheres AlSi10Mg powders for its 3D printers.

According to Equispheres, these powders could achieve up to a 33% faster build rate on the TruPrint 3000 series compared to standard aluminum powder.

Trumpf plans to release two parameter sets for the Equispheres materials: a basic parameter set that could achieve 13% faster throughput and a “productivity” parameter set that could reach a 33% faster build rate while maintaining similar tensile properties.

The company says that its qualification testing was conducted at 60 micron layers and achieved build rates of 164 cm³/h on a dual-laser system. The company also expects to release parameters for using Equispheres aluminum powders on its other 3D printing systems.

The TruPrint 3000 3D printing system uses powder-bed-based laser melting to produce parts with a diameter of up to 300mm and a height of up to 400mm. In the dual-laser configuration, two 500-watt lasers scan the machine’s entire build chamber in parallel.