Desktop Metal says that 925 sterling silver powder is now qualified for use on its additive manufacturing (AM) machines.

The material can now be used with its Production System P-1 and P-50 binder jet printers, the company said.

Desktop also plans to qualify other precious metal alloys in 2022, including 18K yellow gold and rose gold.

The powders can be used to make jewelry, watches, belt buckles, and decorative hardware for handbags.

“The qualification of precious metals for direct 3D printing on high-speed binder jetting systems is a major milestone for the jewelry and luxury goods industry,” said Ric Fulop, founder and CEO of Desktop Metal.

According to the company, 3D printing makes it possible to manufacture designs traditionally difficult to produce without significant manual labor – such as chain link bracelets or necklaces, where the links can be 3D printed in place as one piece instead of being manually assembled one link at a time.