Powder coated bearings for world’s longest suspension bridge

SKF has supplied bearings for what it says is the the world’s longest suspension bridge, which recently opened in Turkey.

The Çanakkale Bridge spans a distance of more than 4 km across the Dardanelles strait in the north-west of the country and forms part of a larger road construction project worth more than €3 billion, the company said. The Bridge uses 226.000 m³ of concrete, and 162.000 km of steel wires.

SKF has supplied more than 340 plain bearings for the bridge for the top and bottom of the bridge’s vertical suspender cables. They are designed to help transfer extensive loads from the bridge’s two main cables and its deck and accommodate any radial, axial and diagonal micro-movements that occur between the bridge and its supporting cables.

The bearings have to be corrosion-resistant due to the bridge’s coastal location and so SKF supplied them protected with a surface coating technology.