EPLUS 3D has launched a large-format metal 3D printer incorporating nine lasers.

The EP-M1250 machine has a build envelope of 1258 x 1258 x 1350 mm3 and can print with metal powders such as titanium, aluminum and nickel-based alloys, maraging steel, stainless steel, chrome cobalt alloys. The build rate for the machine is up to 240 cm3/h, with density up to 99.9% and <5% deviation in mechanical properties, EPLUS 3D said.

The company adds that it has redesigned the gas flow in this new range to improve the removal of smoke and splashes and achieve are more uniform and consistent full-size printing.

It is suitable for the direct manufacturing of parts for aerospace, aviation, automotive and machinery. In tests, it was able to print a rocket engine nozzle expansion section made of out stainless steel with a size of 1050 x 160 mm3 in 160 hours.