Metal AM machine can print 1m high

Velo3D has developed a metal 3D printer which it says can make parts 1m high.

The Sapphire XC 1MZ has a total build volume twice that of its Sapphire XC 3D printer and nine times larger than its original additive manufacturing (AM) system, the company said.

It also features eight 1kw lasers and can process a range of powders including aluminum, titanium Inconel and Hastelloy.

According to Velo3D, the printer was designed based on feedback from customers in the aerospace, energy, and defense industries.

“Without advanced metal additive manufacturing it would be difficult to impossible to build many of the technologies that are shaping the future of our world,” said Benny Buller, CEO and founder. “New systems, like the Sapphire XC and Sapphire XC 1MZ, support that transformation by significantly increasing throughput up to 400% and lowering costs by up to 75% compared to the original Sapphire.”

The first systems are expected to be delivered to several aerospace companies in late Q3 2022.