Kyocera has developed a new solid ball-nose end mill for high-hardness material processing and micromachining.

The 2KMB round tool product can be used for the fine machining of precision parts and metallic molds, the company said.

It features Kyocera’s new Megacoat Hard Ex wear-resistant coating which features a two-layer structure to make processing more stable with high toughness and improved chipping resistance, and supports quenched hardened steel processing from tempered steel up to 70 HRC. It also has a unique S-shaped cutting edge with improved sharpness and a wide core thickness that increases tool rigidity, preventing collapse and ensures stable processing., according to the company.

Point cutting (strong back taper) reduces collapse and prevents chattering, and the cutting-edge shape gradually changes rake angle and clearance angle, compatible with high blade edge strength and low resistance, Kyocera said.