Audi replaces conventional production with AM

Audi says that additive manufacturing (AM) has now replaced conventional manufacturing to make selected tool segments for hot forming.

According to the company, it 3D prints 12 segments of four tools for hot forming using a EOS M 400 system, and plans to print significantly more segments this way. Audi uses the tool segments produced using the EOS M 400 system in its press shop to make body panels for models including the Audi A4m and will reportedly do the same for future electric vehicles. The tools, which can measure as much as 5 x 3 m, feature individual additively manufactured tool segments up to 400 mm in length and weighing up to 120 kg.

According to EOS, 3D printing makes it possible to create highly complex cooling channels configured for the specific component within the tool segments, providing contoured, more-even cooling.

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