AM software with improved data format

Dyndrite, which makes software for additive manufacturing (AM), says that its laser powder bed fusion (LPBF) software now supports the open vector data format (OVF) developed by researchers at the Technical University of Aachen, Germany.

According to the company, the format is an improvement over existing versions, such as Common Layer Interface (CLI) and 3D manufacturing format (3MF).

“We developed OVF because there was no satisfactory format for 2.5-dimensional data that was both open-readable and contained additional information besides the actual toolpath,” said Moritz Kolter, group manager at Aachen. “OVF however is able to process data after slicing in a performant, readable manner and is also able to link other information such as 3D part data or metadata. This is especially important in order to have a fully linked end-to-end data chain that will drive the industrialization of AM. For example, we use it for advanced production planning or part orientation algorithms to further promote the sustainable and efficient use of technologies such as LPBF.”

“The OVF format is a very logical step towards improving how complex structured toolpath data can be transmitted in a performant and compact way,” added Harshil Goel, CEO OF Dyndrite.