Xact Metal partners with Uddeholm to offer Corrax tool steel powder

Xact Metal is partnering with Uddeholm, a voestalpine company, to supply Corrax tool steel for additive manufacturing, supporting the company’s expansion into the tooling and molding space.

Image © Stillfx - Adobe Stock.

The aim is to expand access to affordable metal 3D printing for small-to-medium size companies and decentralize additive manufacturing. Xact Metal’s goal to break down barriers into powder-bed fusion technology by providing high-performing metal 3D printers at a low cost, coupled with the introduction of Corrax for AM by Uddeholm, gives its customers access to a corrosion resistant, cobalt-free tool and mold steel capable of an A1 surface finish post-polishing.

“We are proud of our partnership with Uddeholm, which grants us the ability to offer their revolutionary Corrax metal powder,” said Juan Mario Gomez, Xact Metal CEO. “This intersection between our affordable, high-performing 3D printing technology and Uddeholm’s material expertise is the point where the adoption of additive manufacturing can begin serving the tooling and molding industry. Uddeholm’s rich history and practical knowledge in the steel industry brings a legacy of excellence and innovation to our collaboration.”

Traditionally, molders and mold makers faced limitations in creating optimal internal structures for molds due to the constraints of traditional manufacturing methods. This solution aims to support the adoption of AM in the tooling and molding industries and marks a significant milestone in additive manufacturing, tooling, and molding industries, empowering molders and mold makers with unprecedented capabilities with metal 3D printing.

“We are excited to be partnering with Xact Metal,” said Kevin Rochford, Vice-President of Sales at Uddeholm. “This partnership not only signifies a milestone in additive manufacturing but also brings in a new era of possibilities for the mold and tooling industry, where complexity meets efficiency, and tradition meets innovation. With our long history in the steel industry, this is a natural step forward for Uddeholm.”