World’s largest 100% recycled titanium metal powder facility

3D printing specialist IperionX has laid out plans to develop a plant for the production of recycled titanium powder based in Virginia, USA.

It forecasts production of the powder to be 125 metric tonnes per annum in 2024, and 1,125 metric tonnes per annum by the end of 2025, giving it the largest recycled titanium metal powder production capacity globally, IperionX said.

The development of the [facility] will scale our production to commercial quantities of 100% recycled titanium metal while also reducing the cost providing the potential for titanium to compete on price with other metals, including stainless steel and aluminum,” said Anastasios Arima, CEO. “We look forward to rapidly advancing our developments through 2023 and moving towards scaled up production to secure a US supply chain of this critical metal.”