America Makes has announced a project call focusing on qualifying Ti-6Al-4V powder for the laser powder feed directed energy deposition (LPFDED) 3D printing process.

Proposals for the Generation of Additive Material Allowables for Ti-6Al-4V (GAMAT) project must be supplied by 29 August 2022, the US 3D printing body said.

“Qualification of additive manufacturing (AM) machines and materials is a major barrier for the broad adoption of AM,” it said. “One of the most significant gaps to the approval of AM parts is a lack of widely accepted and available design data for engineers and designers to use. Generating the requisite data and models requires significant investment of resources and time in order to produce statistically significant data.”

America Makes has also announce a $400,000 project call regarding supply chain issues, and a US$1.2m open project call.  

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