Umicore ramps up battery materials production

Umicore has reportedly begun the industrialization of its high lithium, manganese (HLM) cathode active materials (CAM) technology.

Plans are for the materials to be used in electric vehicles (EVs) from 2026.

According to the company, HLM materials have a better total cost of ownership when compared to lithium iron phosphate (LFP) materials withlonger driving ranges, equivalent safety, more reliable state of charge (SOC) monitoring and better recyclability.

“We have entered into product development programs with car and cell manufacturers who chose to fast-track our proprietary high-capacity-low-cost and recyclable solution thanks to its proven and distinct performance,” said Ralph Kiessling, EVP at Umicore.
Production is predicted to take place at Umicore’s battery materials plants in Korea, Poland and Canada.