Rio Tinto has invested US$10m in Canadian company Nano One, which makes batteries.

The companies have partnered to help commercialize Nano One’s multi-cathode (multi-CAM) materials and support cathode active materials (CAM) manufacturing in Canada with Rio Tinto’s iron and lithium materials.

"The global transition to a low-carbon electrified economy will require millions of tonnes of bat-tery materials, so it is critically important to produce these materials efficiently and with the lowest environmental footprint,” said Dan Blondal, CEO of Nano One. “Rio Tinto brings deep experience in high volume production and technology commercialization, as well as a growing battery metals business."

Nano One’s technology makes it possible for nickel-rich (NMC), iron-rich (LFP) and manganese-rich (LNMO) lithium-ion cathode active materials to be made sulfate-free from a range of battery metal sources with fewer steps, lower costs, less complexity and a much smaller environ-mental footprint, the companies say. The technology applies to all lithium-ion battery chemis-tries for applications in electric vehicles, renewable energy storage and portable electronics.

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