Richard Ricchi wins Vanguard award

Richard Ricchi, technical specialist at General Motors in the US, has been selected to receive the Vanguard award from the MPIF.

The award reportedly recognizes powder metal (PM) end users who have promoted the technology and contributed to the expansion of its applications. Ricchi is only the third person to receive the award since its inception in 2014.

“Over his years at GM, Ricchi has been a true pioneer in promoting powder forged (PF) connecting rods at GM,” said the MPIF. “Today, PF connecting rods are in over 90% of the GM engines, including two diesel engine applications.”

Ricchi has also been active on the PowderMet conference technical program committee. He will be presented with the Vanguard award during the 2023 conference, taking place from 18–21 June in Las Vegas, Nevada.