PM13 will take place from 7-9 February in Pune, India. It incorporates the 39th annual technical meeting of the Powder Metallurgy Association of India (PMAI).PM13 will cover all aspects of powder metallurgy and particulate materials such as metallic, composite, hard-metal and technical ceramic components used in varieties of applications. India is expanding rapidly in the transportation, energy, environment and water generation/ purification sectors.One main theme running through the conference will be the preservation of the ecosystem by converting powder metallurgy to a green technology. The technical programme will cover:

  • New and innovative materials for automotive & engineering industry from metals, ceramics and composites
  • Innovative powders, feed stocks and processes for precision manufacturing
  • Progress in modelling, simulation, analysis, characterization and testing
  • New developments in powder consolidation techniques and equipment for the PM and ceramic industry
  • Novel concepts and applications for automotive, pm and ceramic components
  • Powder injection moulding (metal injection moulding and ceramic injection moulding)- developments in powders, feed-stocks, equipment, technologies, components for automotive and other engineering applications
  • New innovations in additive manufacturing
  • Advanced pm through ultra fine and nano-materials
  • Progress in automotive industry such as electric, hybrid vehicles, eco-friendly automobiles, etc

Contributory papers based on original research are invited to be presented in parallel technical sessions as well as in poster sessions in the following areas: powder production, characterisation, consolidation, shape forming, sintering and hot pressing, HIP-ing, filters and porous components, structural and engine components, friction and anti-friction materials; hard and super hard materials, composite materials, nano-materials, sensors and actuators, speciality materials and coatings, exhaust emission control materials; PM equipment and processes, standardisation and quality assurance and computer modelling and simulation.Abstracts can be submitted via email to the PMAI Conference Secretariat at The deadline for submission of abstract is 31st October, 2012.