New Special Issue focuses in on 3d printing developments in Concrete sector

The collection, appearing in the Journal Cement and Concrete Composites, aims to highlight research addressing problems of low productivity and shortages of skilled labor in the construction sector – through developing digital construction processes for the production of concrete components.

According to Guest Editor Viktor Mechtcherine, the development of digital construction processes for the production of concrete components in a prefabrication plant or directly on the construction site is a decisive step towards introducing the “Industry 4.0” concept into the construction industry. And he added, "the technological, economic, ecologic and social potentials of digital concrete construction have now been recognized by many scientists and industrial stakeholders; the extent of research and innovation in this field is increasing month by month”.

Leading research teams from all over the world were invited to submit to the Special Issue, and delivered papers on the progress of new technologies. Of special value is a series of review papers from internationally renowned experts offering comprehensive overviews and critical analyses of the state-of-the-art in various fields of interest directly related to 3D concrete printing. These review papers cover elements such as:

  • mix design concepts for 3D concrete printing and use of sustainable materials in this context;
  • analytical and numerical simulation in the process assessment;
  • integration of reinforcement in 3D concrete printing, and large-scale concrete printing.

In addition, several articles in the Special Issue present new technological approaches to 3D concrete printing, new material compositions for digital concrete, and novel methods for assessing the quality of printable cement-based materials and printed material and elements. There are also papers devoted to the different strategies of steering serial processes involved in 3D concrete printing: material delivery to printhead, printhead process, material flow during its deposition and behavior of print material / element after deposition.

If you’re interested in reading this collection on, you can view it here.

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