Epson Atmix Corporation reports plans to build a new factory for recycling its metal, creating a closed-loop system for metal powder manufacturing.

The used metal will come from sources such as out-of-spec metal powder products in Atmix’s manufacturing process, metal waste from its factory, metal scraps and used molds and dies discharged by Epson and others.

According to the company, the recycled metal will be used as raw material for metal powder products. While the Epson Group has set a goal of becoming underground resource free by 2050, Atmix has also felt the need to counter future difficulty in obtaining metal due to the depletion of underground resources and soaring prices for metal materials.

Plans are for the company to include an induction furnace for melting metals, refining equipment for removing impurities from metal, and a pig casting machine for forming ingots.

Within three years after the new factory begins operating, Atmix says that recycled metal materials could meet about 25% of its total raw metal material needs.

Operations are scheduled to begin in 2025.