Neograf ensures uninterrupted graphite supply

NeoGraf Solutions, a developer and manufacturer of natural and synthetic graphite sheet and powder, has announced a multi-pronged effort to ensure uninterrupted supply of its graphite materials in response to China’s recent decision to impose controls on some exports of graphite.

China is the world’s largest producer of graphite, a key component of Li-ion (LI) batteries for electric vehicles and also widely used in traditional graphite markets, including composites and thermoplastics. In October, China announced that export permits will be needed from 1 December 2023 for synthetic graphite materials, including high-purity, high-strength, and high-density versions, as well as for natural flake graphite.

NeoGraf, which has manufacturing facilities in North America, says it is strategically positioned to meet the market’s supply needs and has reassured its customers that it will meet all current obligations.

“We understand that the security and reliability of our supply chain is of utmost importance to our customers,” said Natesh Krishnan, CEO of NeoGraf Solutions. “We are committed to maintaining a robust, global supply chain to provide consistent, uninterrupted service.”

Over the years, NeoGraf has diversified its supplier base by seeking alternative sources of high-quality graphite from North America and Africa, in addition to China. This strategy ensures the security and continuity of its supply chain, even in the face of restrictions from a single region. The company’s long-term partnership with Northern Graphite, which has graphite mines in North America, further bolsters its position as a diversified and reliable supplier.