NanoSteel has introduced its first product for the laser powder bed fusion additive manufacturing (AM) process. BLDRmetal L-40 is a case-hardening steel powder that helps provide high hardness and ductility (case hardness >70HRC, 10%+ core elongation) and can be printed onto standard commercial equipment.

Nanosteel says that the steel powder has a superior performance compared to M300 maraging steel and is an alternative to difficult-to-print tool steels such as H13. BLDRmetal L-40 is designed to be used for parts including tools, dies, bearings and gears.

The capabilities of BLDRmetal L-40 were demonstrated by printing an eight inch roll thread die set, which, according to Nanosteel, outperformed dies machined from D2 and M2 tool steels.

‘We tried nearly every combination of material and conventional CNC machining process to create our dual-thread die sets, none of which could cut or grind the complicated dual-thread geometry,’ said Mark Doll, president and CEO of Perfect Lock Bolt America Inc. ‘The NanoSteel solution delivers exactly what we are looking for, including excellent surface finish, flexibility, as well as strength and hardness for maximum die life.’

‘Launching BLDRmetal L-40 after successfully producing the roll thread dies ensures the commercial viability of the new alloy for customers investigating the use of additive manufacturing,’ said Harald Lemke, Vice president and general manager of NanoSteel.

The company says that it plans to continue to expand its product family for AM.

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