Kymera International acquires KDF Fluid Treatment

Specialty materials company Kymera International has acquired a majority of the assets of KDF Fluid Treatment Inc, a provider of sustainable media for water and industrial treatment systems.

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Founded in 1984 and currently headquartered in Three Rivers, Michigan, KDF Fluid Treatment’s process media are high-purity copper-zinc formulations used in pretreatment, primary treatment, and industrial applications. 

The acquisition of KDF Fluid Treatment expands Kymera’s capabilities into the water treatment segment.

“Kymera’s acquisition of KDF aligns with our strategic initiatives and positions us in a growing market segment, where our complimentary product capabilities in brass powder media will support significant expansion,” said Barton White, Kymera CEO. “KDF’s unique industrial and commercial water treatment systems provide supplemental or replacement technology to dramatically extend product cycle life, decrease maintenance, reduce heavy metals, microorganisms and scale, and lower total costs.”

“We are thrilled to continue expanding the KDF technology,” said Issa Al-Kharusy, CEO of KDF. “Kymera’s focus on specialty materials aligns with our unique offering and their track record of commercial and operational success positions KDF to support the growing water filtration market.”