IperionX partners with United Stars for US sourced titanium manufacturing

IperionX Limited has signed a framework agreement with United Stars Holdings Inc with terms that will underpin a definitive commercial supply agreement for IperionX’s titanium products.

Titanium sponge
Titanium sponge - Image © Alexey Rezvykh - Adobe Stock.

Wisconsin-based United Stars expects to purchase up to 80 metric tons annually of IperionX’s high-performance, low cost and sustainable titanium products over a 10-year supply term.

United Stars’ companies supply industrial components including stainless steel tubing, precision gears, shafts, and complex assemblies, as well as tooling and components for defense, aerospace and commercial applications. Additionally, United Stars has exposure to fine finish precision grinding and the manufacturing of very large gears through Line Craft Inc and Triple A Inc.

The United Stars and IperionX partnership will focus on the defense and advanced technology sectors with products for vehicle drivetrains, robotic motors and wind turbines, that require lightweight, strong, compact and corrosion resistant performance.

IperionX is building an ‘end-to-end’ American titanium supply chain solution, that spans from the production of US sourced titanium minerals, advanced technology to refine these minerals to +99% TiO2, and the capability to utilize the largest range of recycled scrap titanium to produce low-cost and high-performance titanium alloys.

IperionX’s patented technology portfolio enables the production of low cost and high-performance near net shape products, semi-finished titanium products (such as ingot, bar, plate, wire), spherical titanium powder for additive manufacturing and metal injection molding, and angular titanium powder for a wide range of advanced manufacturing applications.

Roger West, United Stars chairman and CEO said: “This relationship will prove incredibly valuable for my portfolio of companies and I’m also proud to play a role in supporting the interests of US national security. Taso Arima’s vision to re-shore the US titanium supply chain, combined with the team that he has assembled, makes IperionX an organization that I am pleased to partner with.”

Anastasios (Taso) Arima, IperionX CEO, said: “United Stars are aligned with our mission to re-build an integrated ‘end-to-end’ US titanium supply chain and strengthen America’s manufacturing independence.”