Höganäs' 2021 sustainability report

PM specialist Höganäs has published its sustainability report for 2021.

In 2021, the company says that 57% of electricity it used was from fossil free or partly fossil free sources, while 48% of raw materials were secondary materials, including both pre and post-consumer scrap.

75% of Höganäs’ process residuals were reused, and the company hopes to achieving its target of 95% by 2026.

Some 66,000 (60,000) MWh of surplus heat were delivered to district heating and municipal treatment plants in the Swedish cities of Höganäs and Halmstad, which avoided an equivalent of 13,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions compared with natural gas combustion.

“We have identified 170 different emission reduction actions that is mitigating almost 90 percent of our direct and indirect emissions by 2040,” said Catharina Nordeman, group sustainability director. “In 2022 we will create an action plan for upstream value chain emissions and look further into opportunities to accelerate our transition.”

The report can be found here.