H C Starck has invested £45m in UK-based Nyobolt Limited, a company that makes fast-charging Li-ion batteries.

Nyobolt uses H C Starck’s tungsten materials in the battery anodes, the company said, and wants to accelerate commercialization.

According to H C Starck, the niobium and tungsten-based anode systems offer a charging time of more than 90% charged in less than 5 minutes, a higher input power density, longer durability, and a wider temperature performance with reduced fire risk.

They could be use in industrial vehicles, automation (robotics), consumer appliances, cordless tools, stationary storage and mobile rapid charging applications.

The companies also want to create a circular economy for EV batteries using H C Starck’s recycling capabilities, establish a reliable source of tungsten materials, and improve cathode technology.

“The funding from H.C. Starck will help Nyobolt to scale up our operations in the UK and United States and bring a more sustainable solution into the energy storage industry,” said Dame Clare Grey, Nyobolt co-founder and chief scientist. “Nyobolt technology will not only enable net zero both in the electrification of transport, but also the storing of clean and renewable energy on and off the grid. With the investment from H.C. Starck, Nyobolt’s ultra-fast charging, high power batteries will help lead the way towards achieving the clean energy goals set by governments around the world.”