EOS launches M 290 metal 3D printer

The EOS M 290 3D printer.
The EOS M 290 3D printer.

By Liz Nickels

M290, a successor to EOSINT M280, has a build volume of 250 mm x 250 mm x 325 mm. It has monitoring functions both for the system itself and for monitoring the build process, making it suitable for industrial applications in the aerospace industry as well for medical applications. 

“This new system is designed to serve the requirements of our serial-production customers,” said Dr Adrian Keppler, CMO at EOS.

Using EOSTATE PowderBed, a camera built into the process chamber can monitor the powder bed, following powder deposition and exposure by means of still images. 

The system is equipped with a 400 watt laser and can be operated under an inert (nitrogen) atmosphere or under argon, which permits processing of a great breadth of materials, including light alloys, stainless and tool-grade steels, and superalloys. The EOS parameter sets allows parts to be manufactured with standardized property profiles, resulting in a broad spectrum of applications. As with the previous model, EOS also supplies its EOS M 290 customers with the EOS ParameterEditor, to allow them to modify a range of exposure parameters for themselves. The tool enables customers to develop their own parameters for specific applications on the basis of the EOS parameter sets. 

Program guide

The EOS M 290 features EOSYSTEM machine software, which enables a more intuitive and task-oriented operation of the system via a graphic user interface. In addition, an operator assistant is included which guides the user through the program. The new EOSPRINT Desktop Software allows jobs to be prepared and computed directly at the workplace, separately from the build process. The job file can then be transferred through the network to the system. 

The EOS M 290 is fitted with an air circulation filter which itself is equipped with an automatic self-cleaning function. This increases the filters operating life, with the result that they require less frequent replacement. 

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