Austrian ceramics specialist Lithoz GmbH has acquired Germany-based start-up CerAMing.

According to the company, CerAMing, a spin-off of the German Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing, owns the patent to a layer-wise slurry deposition (LSD) ceramic 3D printing process.

Lithoz says that it now has a complete “all from one source portfolio” of ceramic additive manufacturing (AM) processes. It can already make parts using lithography-based ceramics manufacturing (LCM) and laser induced slip casting (LIS).

Using LCM can result in more precise resolutions and highly complex internal, while LIS offers higher wall thicknesses and larger volumes with complete density. Lithoz says that LSD 3D printing covers the area between the LCM and LIS process.

“We see this technology as another key pillar in the realization of our vision to enable geographically independent, yet fully digitally connected global serial production in the ceramics industry,” said Lithoz CEO and founder Dr Johannes Homa.