The Young Ceramics Network (YCN) is an initiative of the  European Ceramic Society (ECerS) sponsored by the JECS Trust. It aims to build a platform and to promote networking between young researchers and professionals active in the ceramic-related fields, from academia to the industrial sector and from around the world.

With the help of the newly established open access Journal, Open Ceramics, the Young Ceramics Network wants to promote the visibility of its fellow young ceramics researchers, who finished their PhD no more than 10 years ago and conducted excellent research in the field of ceramics by publishing their work in a special issue entitled “Young Ceramists in the Spotlight”.

In parallel, YCN launched the Best Paper Award in order to highlight the excellence achieved in Ceramics by young researchers but also as a model for them in their future scientific publications.

Next 22th of November at 13:00 PM CET, the Best Paper Award will be announced during  an online event. This event will be the opportunity to listen to an interesting talk entitled: "Research Integrity and Publishing Ethics: Publisher's perspective" by Dr. Mihail Grecea. Following this presentation, there will be a round table that will be chaired by the Editors of Open Ceramics: Prof.-Ing. Paolo Colombo, Dr. Catherine Elissalde and Prof. Dr. Jens Guenster.