ASTM has launched an initiative for companies to standardize additive manufacturing (AM) materials.

Plans are for the CoE Consortium for Materials Data and Standardization (CMDS) project, run by the Additive Manufacturing Center of Excellence (AM CoE) to bring AM companies together to help standardize AM materials data generation. The partners will also share reference datasets to promote AM. The consortium is being launched with 21 founding members including Boeing, Desktop Metal, Fraunhofer, GE Additive, Gasbarre and NASA.

“By coming together to define a common approach to materials characterization, we hope to drive further understanding and expansion of the additive industry as a whole,” said Amber Andreaco, section manager, GE Additive.

ASTM says that the CMDS initiative will determine “key process-structure-property relationships necessary to develop methods for generating machine agnostic materials data” and help develop tools such as physics-based/probabilistic models and data analytics to speed up the qualification of AM applications, materials and technologies.

Each year the CMDS will select materials and application specific properties (such as static, cyclic, thermal, corrosion) of interest and carry out projects to support the development of standards and datasets. “While members retain exclusive use of the full datasets to support their business, research output and lessons learned will inform new AM standards and specifications developed through the ASTM related committees,” the organization said.

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