APMI International names 2024 Fellow

The 2024 recipient of APMI International’s Fellow Award is PM industry advocate Deepak Madan.

For more than 30 years, Madan has used his expertise in technology assessment and keen eye for capitalization of business opportunities to use PM as a tool to grow product lines and profits during each step of his career. Madan has also championed the opportunity to manage and collaborate with the US Army to develop magnesium alloy powders for lightweight applications, along with identification and establishment of supply base for unique PTFE (Teflon) powders. Madan’s long association with the PM industry is reflected in his publications spanning diverse areas ranging from ferro-phosphorous and manganese sulfide additives, activated sintering of ferrous powders, and admixed stainless steel powders to magnesium alloys for lightweight applications and 3D printing.

Madan has served on the board of, and been a member of, many associations. He served on multiple PM industry committees and attended many technical conferences. He served as chair of the Pittsburgh APMI Section and once organized a full-day technical conference on behalf of the section, with invited industry leaders to present papers from across the country, providing an opportunity for local section members who could not travel to national conferences to hear from industry experts.

APMI International’s Fellow Award recognizes APMI members for their significant contributions to the goals, purpose, and mission of the organization as well as for a high level of expertise in the technology, practice, or business of the industry. Madan will receive elevation to Fellow status at PowderMet2024 / AMPM2024, 16–19 June in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.