America Makes says that it has funds to invest in two projects, one of which is focused on additive manufacturing (AM) post-processing techniques (AAPT) with the aim of gaining a better understanding of the available techniques in order to achieve qualified parts and certified processes, as well as reduce costs.

The 3D printing organization plans to make available around US$1.6 million to fund two awards with at least US$800,000 in matching funds from the awarded project teams for total funding worth roughly US$2.4 million.

Currently, a lack of a consensus of best practices for material handling and post-processing leads to high variability and massive qualification challenges, invariably leading to higher costs to adopt and employ AM technologies, America Makes says.

The project will look into the effectiveness of hot isostatic pressing (HIP) when producing high-temperature nickel super alloy canonical features, such as thin walls and narrow flow channels.

‘Today, post-processing continues to be one of the largest costs associated with additive manufacturing,’ said John Wilczynski, America Makes technology director. ‘While there are a multitude of post-processing techniques available, many unknowns about them still exist. This effort promises to identify and discern the unknowns of heat treatments thus improving post-processing techniques and reducing their costs, which will ultimately help to increase the adoption of additive technologies overall.’

The deadline for project forms is 24 August 2018. For more information, visit the America Makes website.

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