Additive Manufacturing UK launches its first Annual Action Plan

The trade association Additive Manufacturing UK (AMUK) has launched its first-ever Annual Action Plan.

Image © blackday - Adobe Stock.

The Annual Action Plan covers a range of topics, including the current market dynamics within the additive manufacturing sector, as well as the challenges that need to be addressed in order to accelerate the adoption of additive manufacturing technologies. The document also provides an overview of the current funding landscape, highlighting the opportunities available for businesses and researchers looking to develop new additive manufacturing solutions.

One of the key themes of the plan is the need for increased collaboration between stakeholders in the additive manufacturing ecosystem. This includes closer collaboration between research institutions and industry partners, as well as greater engagement with government bodies and policymakers.

“At AMUK, our mission is to position the UK as a global frontrunner in the research, development, adoption and application of technologies, all of which make up the additive manufacturing value chain,” said Josh Dugdale, head of Additive Manufacturing UK. “We recognise we have specific challenges that we have to overcome in the areas such as skills, standards and supply chain. Through collaborative initiatives with industry partners, academic institutions, and governmental bodies, we believe these challenges can be addressed as well as providing leverage for the transformative potential of additive manufacturing technology, to create opportunities, bolster productivity, and effectively tackle diverse challenges spanning numerous sectors.”

To report can be downloaded here.